Bach & Bacchanalia

Classical Music ≠ Stuffy!

Beautiful music doesn't have to be up tight - let's have fun with it by keeping tickets affordable; letting the musicians to design their own programs around interesting themes; and enjoying it all with friends and a drink in hand.

A Worthwhile Night Out

Gorgeous music, cocktail party vibes

The music is classical, but the energy is 'cocktail party.'

We start with a musical program and our mixologist runs with it, often taking historical inspiration for interesting and well-balanced drinks. We partner with distilleries, historians, and venues to round out the approach to craft cocktail design.

Next Events: Going for Baroque

50-minute baroque concerts with either two violins or a violin and a cello, plus open bar and a cocktail reception with custom craft cocktail menu.

Tickets start at $35 and include concert and 2-hour open bar for wine and beer. Yes, it's truly all included.

Official after party goes until 11pm and features historically-inspired cocktails created by the team at Standard Wormwood Distillery, who grow their own ingredients upstate and distill their own spirits in-house. Concert attendees get 20% off their tab.

Coming Up: Thursday, August 11th (last in the series - don't miss out!)