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August 26th: Japan and Its Influence

At the turn of the 20th Century, "Japonisme" inspired the artistic Avant-Garde...

In Europe and the Americas, but particularly France, the new exposure to Japanese traditional arts was a revelation. The concert will be accompanied by a brief lecture to help you appreciate exactly what to listen for, while you sip a cocktail designed to evoke the spirit of the performance.


Debussy and Ravel

Claude Debussy - String Quartet in G minor op. 10 1893

I. Animé et très décidé

II. Assez vif et bien rythmé

III. Andantino, doucement expressif

IV. Très modéré – En animant peu à peu – Très mouvementé et avec passion

Maurice Ravel - String Quartet in F Major M. 35 1905

I. Allegro moderato – très doux

II. Assez vif – très rythmé

III. Très lent

IV. Vif et agité


By WakuWaku @ Industry City

Non-Vegetarian | Vegetarian

1st Course: Chilled soup + kale salad with yuzu dressing

2nd Course: Takoyaki | Vegetable kushiage

3rd Course: Various dumplings | Vegetable gyoza

4th Course: Sushi and sashimi | Vegetable maki

Beverage: sparkling yuzu soft drink from Moshi Yuzu included


Mixologist: John Carlson from Oldies; by the owners of Angel's Share


Our spin on the classic cocktail the Bijou, invented in the 1890s by the “father of modern bartending,” Harry Johnson, and named for the jewel-like colors of its components. We couldn’t resist the homonym bijuu, which fans of Naruto will recognize to mean “tailed beast.” We’ve lent measured beastliness by substituting gin with Japanese whiskey and playing up the fruity, herbaceous notes. Smooth and intense.

Iwai whiskey, Lillet Rouge, Green Chartreuse, Orange bitters

Le Claude

A Japanese-inspired take on the classic Kir Royale, which has experienced several waves of popularity. A white wine + crème de cassis cocktail emerged in France in the 1840s, with a recipe closer to its modern form invented in Paris in 1904, before it gained renewed popularity and its current name in the 1940s. An elegant, delicate, refreshing summer cocktail.

Chambord, Sparkling sake


A variation of a modern cocktail called the Serendipity, which is the signature drink of Bar Hemingway at The Ritz Paris. Usually made with muddled mint and apple juice, we’ve instead used shiso and Asian pear. Refreshing and effervescent.

Calvados, Japanese pear juice, Shiso, Simple syrup. Brut Champagne

The Hooligans

We named this cocktail after Les Apaches, the informal group of “outlaw” musicians who pushed against strict Establishment standards in Fin de Siecle Paris. They included Maurice Ravel and followed Debussy with rapt devotion.

This is a take on the Vesper Martini, perfectly balanced with unfiltered sake and house-made cantaloupe tincture. Comes with a side of Japanese pickles. 

Nigori sake, Roku gin, Genever, Lillet Blanc, Cantaloupe tincture, Orange bitters

Le Maurice

Based on a cocktail appropriately called The 20th Century, which was invented in honor of an opulent train that once transported the “Who’s Who” between New York City and Chicago.

For our version, we’ve selected a Japanese gin with notes of yuzu, and emphasized the cacao note of the original with chocolate bitters. If you want to try something unique but eminently drinkable, don’t miss this nigh-extinct cocktail.

Etsu gin, Sudachi, Lemon, Creme de cacao, Chocolate bitters

The Penta-Tonic

The Highball is by far the most popular cocktail in Japan. Ours features elderflower cordial, which was a popular Victorian cure-all tonic (Saint-Germain was also Debussy's birthplace).

Debussy and Ravel both appreciated the pentatonic scale used in Javanese, Japanese and folk music, and used it extensively in their compositions, much to the delight of their audience and disapproval of the Establishment.

Chamomile-infused Suntory Toki, St. Germain, Lemon, Seltzer

Very limited seating available!

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