Bach & Bacchanalia

Baroque Cocktails and Music

A series of 3 intimate baroque concerts. Open wine and beer bar. Custom historically-inspired cocktails, advised by a best-selling author of culinary historical fiction.
What kind of cocktails could possibly pair with music that predates modern distillation?
We are taking inspiration from the manuscripts of Antonio Latini - steward to multiple cardinals, and author of the very first tomato sauce on record - to create a uniquely intriguing menu, pairing 17th century flavor profiles (including a quest for an appropriate ambergris substitution!) with modern sensibilities.
Stay tuned for cocktail recipes, parties, and concerts to come!

Music Program

Musicians Doori Na and Audrey Hayes put together this program to highlight the rise of the violin during the baroque period. Musicians, composers, and instrument-makers achieved new heights, which we still benefit from today.
  • Handel - Queen of Sheba arr. for 2 violins

  • Telemann - Solo Fantasy No. 9 Bach

  • Telemann -  “Bouree/Double” from Partita No. 1 in B minor

  • Guillemain - Solo Fantasy No. 11

  • Bach - Sonata No. 2 for two violins Bach

  • Telemann - “Sarabande/Double” from Partita No. 1 in B minor

  • Telemann - “Gulliver’s Travels” suite for 2 violins

Cocktail Menu

Taking inspiration from Latini's 1694 book of cookery and household management, "The Modern Steward, or the Art of Preparing Banquets Well," we focused on lending historic flavors to modern compositions.
Cocktails designed as a collaboration between best-selling author of culinary historical fiction Crystal King; mixologist John Carlson; and distiller Taras Hrabowsky

Cocktail of Strawberries | A daiquiri variation with some peppercorn-like heat from the Grains of Paradise, which is from the ginger family

  • Grains of Paradise-infused cane liquor

  • Muddled strawberries

  • Lime

Cocktail of Sour Cherries | Our most creative invention; we used myrrh and muskroot to capture the warmth and funk of exotic ambergris

  • Sour cherry-infused rye

  • Tincture of Faux Ambergris

  • Dry Wermut

  • Lemon

  • Simple syrup

Cocktail of Roses | Light and sparkling for a summer night

  • Rose apertivo

  • Rose vinegar shrub

  • Sparkling wine

Cocktail of Spiced Raisins | Like an Old Fashioned, with a twist

  • Raisin-infused rye

  • Amaro

  • Wermut

  • Spices

The La-Tini (Cocktail of Myrtles) | The combination of 2 types of myrtle make this martini surprisingly smooth

  • Gin infused with lemon myrtle + bog myrtle

  • Dry Wermut

  • Lemon

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